Discover all the services of Lido Camping Village

Restaurant and Pizzeria

One of the strong points of Lido Camping Village is without doubt the Restaurant and Pizzeria, next to the bar on the shores of the lake, for a unique experience.
Here you can taste traditional dishes as well as refined dishes, all prepared at that moment, or choose from a great variety of pizzas, prepared according to tradition.
The Bar and Restaurant together with the other services means you need never leave the Camping because you’ll find everything you need here.

  • Classical and Traditional cuisine
  • Pizzeria
  • Self Service
  • Take Away

The Bar

The Lido Camping Village has a large spacious bar, directly on the shores of the lake, where you can spend pleasant moments relaxing.
The Bar is in a large spacious room which can be used in bad weather, or for a more reserved atmosphere to read or converse. Inside the bar is a TV LED in which to watch your favourite tv programmes or sporting events.
In the same building as the bar you can find the self service restaurant, all with air conditioning.

  • Cocktails
  • Draught beer and quality wines
  • Ice-creams
  • Water-ice
  • Fast Food
  • Aperitigs
  • TV LED Digital
  • Restaurant

Discotheque, Entertainment and Mini Club

The Lido Camping Village entertainment is possibly most loved by the campers who come every year.
The musical appointments are spread out through the weeks, with fun and music for all ages from classics to disco music for the younger ones.
Also there are cabaret evenings, theatre and little shows organised together with the guest of the village.
Not least during the month of August the appointments on the beach, dancing and fun in the water.
Also available during months of July and august, in the mornings is mini club, for the little ones and to add to the relaxation of the parents.
Just a couple of steps from the bar and next to the cinema is the Lido Camping Village discotheque, ideal for all the youngsters who want to dance and have fun when it is not possible to be outside. The discotheque has tables and chairs where you can drink cocktails from the bar or simply take a rest.

  • Every weekend
  • Internal disco
  • Children’s shows
  • Entertainment on the beach

Projection Room

The projection room of Lido Camping Village is an element of great value within the village, where the kids can have fun in the Mini Club, and where you can enjoy the great sporting events like soccer, Formula 1 and MotoGP, all in HD.
Recently restored the cinema uses all the latest technology like high definition HD 1080p and the latest generation audio True HD Dolby Surround sound.
Entrance to the projection room is always free and the cinema is air conditioned.
In the bar you will find the latest TV LED in order to view your favourite programmes or sporting events not shown in the cinema, thanks to the digital decoder and is available to all.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is the perfect compliment to the beach at Lido Camping Village, to enjoy days relaxing in the sun in a more reserved area.
The pool has several different depths to suit all.
An important space is reserved for children, thanks to an appropriate pool where they can play and have fun in safety.
A life guard is always present to guarantee safety and respect for the regulations. In high season acqua-gym courses are held to help keep fit without giving up the fun.
The swimming pool at Lido Camping Village is fully furnished with sun loungers, parasols, and shower.
Also a pool side bar.
In order to use the swimming pool you must buy a ticket at the reception.
The cost of the ticket is €3.00 for the day and €2.00 for half day, for adults. Children from 3 to 10 years the ticket costs €1.50 for all day and €1.00 half day.
It is also possible to purchase a carnet of 10 entrances and family tickets.

  • Music and Bar
  • Sun-loungers, parasoland showers
  • Swimming pool opening is from 01/07 till 31/08, hours are 10/13 and 15/19 excluding Monday mornings when it is closed for maintenance.
  • Tickets are required and you can get them at the Reception.


The Lido Camping Village has a spacious supermarket where you can find everything you need and only a few steps away from your accommodation without the needing to move with your car or other public transport.
The Market is adjacent to the bar and restaurant and has all kinds of fresh food (such as bread, fruit and vegetables), packaged and frozen food, camping equipment and barbecue’s, products for hygiene and body care, and items for your fun in the water and at the beach, and of course all this is at very affordable prices.

Bathrooms and Hygiene Services

The Lido Camping Village is equipped with an impressive hygiene service block, at the centre of the camp site. The complex has recently been renovated and is a striking distinction of the village.
The complex is welcoming and hygienically controlled, with internal personnel 24h, who see to the constant cleanliness of the areas used by the guests.
Other than the classical showers, hand-basins and toilets, clearly divided men and women, also available in the complex is an area to wash dishes and a laundry area including washing-machines, dryers and ironing boards.
The whole area is surveyed by CCTV connected to the Managerial Offices, with the maximum respect of the privacy of the guests on the camp site.
The Lido Camping Village has at its disposal in the same Bathroom complex , 8 private bathrooms complete with hand-basin, shower and W.C. These can be reserved by the guests for their stay at the campsite, during which time they will be at their complete disposal.

  • Hand basins, mirrors and electricity, toilets, toilets for children, showers, washing machines, ironing, laundry, private bathrooms
  • The bathrooms are open 24/7 and are equipped with CCTV inside and the outside perimeter.
  • Shower and washing machine tokens can be bought at the Reception. n.
  • Private bathrooms can be booked online or requested directly in Reception. .

Sports Facilities

The Lido Camping Village sports facilities are divided into two blocks.
The first includes two tennis courts and two pitches for bocce, both are illuminated for evening play; the second block contains a 5 a side football pitch, beach volley and basket ball.
Use of the tennis courts requires booking and payment while all the others are free.
The Camping has an arrangement with a wind surf and water skiing school, adults and children can have fun in the water learning new sports with their instructor.


In the 2011 season Lido Camping Village got equipped for re- cycling in compliance with the town council administration of Bolsena.
All campers will be issued with a guide and the coloured bags for re-cycling which then must be taken to the designated area next to the car park.
Just a few simple gestures to re-cycle correctly and with the re-cycling bins outside the campsite thus providing extra peace and tranquillity for those staying on the camp site.
The information pack and bags are provided when you check in, or you can click HERE.

Wi-Fi Zone

The Lido Camping Village is now almost completely covered by WI-FI, thus guaranteeing fast and safe internet access to all its guests.
The WI-FI signal is not only available for the camping pitches but also in the Bar and Restaurant to deliver a complete service indispensable nowadays.
According to laws like L.n.155/2005 and the D.M 16.08.06 in order to access internet you will be obliged to give personal details in compliance with other users and Italian law.
The WI-FI service is to be paid at the moment you request the access data at the Reception, where you will be able to choose the option that suits you best.

For our 4 Legged Friends

From this year, the Management of Lido Camping Village, in reply of the many requests by our guests, has decided to welcome again small 4 legged friends, small cats and dogs.
Naturally we have tried to regulate their entrance, a few simple rules in the respect of others and the environment which the pet owners must undersign.

  • pets must be declared or when booking or on arrival at the campsite;
  • entrance of these animals must be authorized by Management;
  • only cats and small dogs may be admitted, one per equip;
  • the animals must be accompanied with vaccination documents;
  • pet owners will use the pitches allocated to them by Management;
  • dogs must be tied with a short lead to the pitch;
  • pet owners must make sure that their pets do not disturb other guests in the Village;
    • it is strictly forbidden to take dogs on the beach, in the lake or in the common areas, bar, restaurant, supermarket, swimming pool, bathrooms etc.;
  • the animals must be taken out of the camping complex for their business and the faeces must be collected using hygienic bags;
  • pet owners will be responsible for any damages to things or people caused by their animals;
  • pets/animals are not accepted in the accommodation;
  • Owners who do not respect the regulation will be asked to leave the campsite.