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General rules of conduct to be taken inside the Lido Camping Village

Campsites and Tourist Villages are not places where you can do anything, where you can break the rules imposed by the State, Regions and Municipalities to defeat the “COVID-19”, but on the contrary being small communities, everyone must do their part, so that the rules are respected, possibly integrating them, and adopting specific precautions, in order to mitigate the risk of contagion for operators and guests.

Even if it is probable that the guests are familiar with the prevention measures from “COVID-19” it is advisable to remember some fundamental rules that must be respected in all their parts.

IThis specification is therefore a support tool that precisely specifies what has already been established by the risk assessment documents issued by the various state bodies.

These standards will be subject to revision in the event that the aforementioned sources or the experiences gained during the application phase recommend changes to the current provisions.

Since these are rules that aim solely and exclusively at the health of the guests of Lido Camping Village and employees, it is natural that failure to comply with these rules will result in reporting to the competent authorities and the removal of offenders from the structure.

Indications on the conduct to be taken tto the Reception and in the other common environments


– Entry is allowed to one person at a time
– Before entering, put on the mask and sanitize your hands in the appropriate dispenser
– People waiting to enter must keep a minimum distance of one meter between them


– It is appropriate to avoid gatherings of people, both outside and inside the services
– Before entering, it is mandatory to wear a mask and sanitize your hands in the appropriate dispenser
– Access to the various services must take place by limiting the attendance at the same time and respecting the following indications:

Urinals Maximum 4 people
WC Maximum 6 people
Sinks Maximum 12 people
Showers Maximum 6 people

However, it should be noted that, while waiting for the services to be available, those present will have to stay in the hall wearing the mask or wait outside, keeping the minimum distance of one meter from the other guests.

All this will be controlled by the staff on duty and through the video surveillance system.

Within the services, when it is not strictly necessary, it is good practice to touch as few things as possible with your hands, especially walls and metal surfaces.

Once you have taken care of your personal hygiene, you will have to wear the mask, and at the exit, sanitize your hands again.

At least four times a day the bathrooms will remain closed for 30 minutes to allow staff to sanitize the rooms, thus ensuring high hygiene standards. The closing times will be communicated on site, according to the various periods of this season.

Sport facilities

-The tennis courts can be used, but only players will be allowed to enter
-The other facilities (five-a-side football, volleyball, basketball, beach volleyball and bowls), representing gathering places, cannot be used and will remain closed. If the current provisions are to be changed, we will take note of them, adapting to what is prescribed
-You can go jogging inside the campsite always respecting the minimum distance of two meters from the other guests
-Sports fishing on the shores of the lake is allowed for people with regular licenses as has always happened, but avoiding gatherings
-Collective sports involving close contact between people will not be allowed anywhere

Playground and Benches

-The children’s playground according to current regulations cannot be used
-Assemblies on the benches must be avoided, also trying not to touch the metal parts with your hands
-The Mini Club activity will not be available this season as there is no way to guarantee respect for the distances between children


-People with a mask are allowed to enter the market, who must also, using the appropriate column, wear gloves and spray on the same sanitizing gel
-Inside, you should avoid touching food and products that are not part of your shopping
-Guests must also avoid gatherings and keep a safe distance
-It is advisable not to stop at the cash desk unless for the time strictly necessary and to allow the line to slide easily, keeping the minimum distance of one meter following the signs on the floor
-At the exit, throw disposable gloves in the appropriate basket


-Before entering the bar, wear the mask and sanitize your hands in the special columns
-Approach the cashier respecting the distance of at least one meter from the previous customer following the signs on the floor
-Any drink or other, ordered from the bar, will be served in disposable containers
-What is served cannot be consumed at the counter, but in the available tables, always keeping the safety distances
-At the tables of the bar, on the track and under the tent, gatherings of young people or friends will not be allowed, even if equipped with a mask
-Guests are asked to throw the disposable items served at the bar in the appropriate containers

Restaurant – Pizzeria

-To take orders it is necessary to wear a mask, sanitize your hands in the special columns and following the path traced on the ground, get in line at least one meter away from the person who precedes, following the signs on the floor
-When taking the order it is necessary to communicate to the attendant, whether he intends to consume what was ordered in the restaurant or not. If yes, it is advisable to sit at the table with your family and wait to be called to collect what has been ordered
-Tables made up of several families are not allowed
-The kitchen also provides takeaway food


-Until new provisions, the internal recreation area (TV, table football, billiards) will not be accessible, the same applies to the cinema hall
-The film screenings will be carried out occasionally outdoors but always respecting the necessary spacing
-It will not be possible as was our custom to perform dance evenings, alternatively we will propose evenings with listening music, of course with the commitment of the guests to always keep the necessary safety distances and without creating gatherings

Beach and Swimming Pool

-Since the waters of the lake are suitable for swimming, and as it is also ascertained that the virus does not infect in the water, swimming in the lake is allowed, while maintaining the minimum safety distance of one meter from the other swimmers, while still avoiding exchanging personal items such as balloons, lifebuoys etc
-On the beach, the various families must maintain a minimum safety distance of two meters between them. In particular, parents should pay close attention so that their children do not come into contact with neighboring children
-The swimming pool due to the presence of chlorine in the water does not present any particular problems, so you can swim in complete peace of mind. However, the safety distances of one meter must be kept in the water and the number of simultaneous accesses in the tanks will be limited. Before entering the water, it is mandatory to take a shower with soap over all the body. The use of a swimming cap is mandatory, as it is forbidden to spit, blow your nose and urinate. At the poolside, sunbeds and umbrellas will be spaced in compliance with current regulations, and guests will always have to observe social distancing. In the paddling pool, parents must take particular care to prevent children from coming into contact with each other

Use of pitches and common spaces

-In order to avoid gatherings, all the crews on the pitch must arrange themselves in such a way as not to be in close contact with the neighbors
-Lunches, dinners, barbecues and gatherings between neighbors should be avoided whenever possible; if you meet people outside the household it is mandatory to wear a mask and sanitize the objects touched
-Alone or with your family, you can walk safely without a mask inside the Lido Camping Village; the mask must be worn when other people meet on the route