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Camping Village in Bolsena


The Camping Village has a large spacious bar, directly on the shores of the lake, where you can spend pleasant moments relaxing.


The Camping Village has a spacious supermarket where you can find everything you need, only a few steps away from your accommodation.

Bathrooms and Hygiene Services

Hand basins, mirrors and electricity, toilets, toilets for children, showers, washing machines, ironing, laundry, private bathrooms.

Wi-Fi Zone

The WI-FI service is to be paid at the moment you request the access data at the Reception.

Discotheque, Entertainment and Mini Club

The Lido Camping Village entertainment is possibly most loved by the campers who come every year.

Projection Room

The projection room is an element of great value within the village. Entrance to the projection room is always free.


All campers will be issued with a guide and the coloured bags for re-cycling which then must be taken to the designated area.

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