Tarquinia, the Etruscan capital

Camping Village in Bolsena

Tarquinia, center of southern Etruria and Etruscan capital, internationally famous for its archaeology and intense cultural life, it is about 40 km from Viterbo.

Most important is the Etruscan Neacropolis and about 30 minutes by car from Tarquinia, near Montalto di Castro, the Vulci Park.

The town was built on a raise of land 133 meters above sea level and has an amazing panoramic view of the Marta river valley and Tyrrhenian sea, that offers many beaches, private and free, where the tourists staying in Bolsena choose to spend the day.

There are several routes from Bolsena to Tarquinia but maybe the easiest is the SP3 and in any case is a pleasant drive through the Latium Maremma plains, about one hour.